The health service provider

We are the representative of multinational companies,
both regional and local levels,
to deliver various healthcare products in Thailand.

At VALOR HEALTH, we believe in placing importance on our partners. We focus on working with the partners foreseeing long-term business with sustainable courses for the benefit of the consumers in receiving high-quality products.

Strategy Focused

Valor Health is a specialized & boutique healthcare solution provider. We offer value to stakeholders via traditional & digital commercialization. We represent multinational, regional and local companies whereby delivering growth of diversified healthcare products in Thailand and its neighboring countries.

We believe that strategy leads tactics. It is a common practice at Valor Health that we work together with partners to analyze, plan and ensure the execution aligns with partners’ global and/or regional direction. We believe in FOCUS & SPEED. When the strategy is right, it is time for speedy execution and being fast to adapt upon in the market.


In addition to the head office based in Bangkok, we have operations in the Philippines, neighboring countries through a network of sub-distributors.

Our nationwide coverage includes medical university hospitals, regional government hospitals, general government hospitals, private hospitals, general clinics, specialized clinics, independent drug stores, chain drug stores, modern trade and traditional trade outlets.

Partnership Philosophy

At Valor Health, we believe in having chemistry with our partner. We are not a trading agency whereby focusing on short term return. At the same time, we only wish to work with partners who look at business from the longer term in a sustainable approach.

As a sales & marketing focused organization, we believe in sustainability of the brand we represent or build. We do not believe the best deal exists; yet we only believe in fair deal which allows both parties to sustainably develop the business, nurture and grow the brand to the next level.

By aiming so, we believe dedication to one another, good communication and honest trust are the critical components for us to work with our partners.