Preparation of prenatal mothers

Many mothers, especially new mothers may have concerns about taking care of themselves and getting pregnant. The closer you are to give birth, the more likely you are to be excited about how much your giving birth will be. However, if you are well prepared, you will have a better understanding about giving birth both in the practical and the birth process which will help you to be ready for your both body and mind.

Let’s take a look at how to prepare yourself before giving birth to be ready to welcome the baby on the first day he/she opens his/her eyes to see the world.

Psychological preparation

It is normal for you to have concerns during the pregnancy period until the time of giving birth, such as be careful with your activity and not to affect the unborn child or will the baby in the stomach be strong? When will be the right time to delivery?  Will you go to the hospital in time?

Which of these things, if you prepare everything ready from the beginning of pregnancy, you are free from these concerns. In addition of preparation, you must prepare yourself by making the mind cheerful and try not to worried, so you will not be so stress during the delivery time.

Physical preparation

What you should do when pregnant

  1. Eating all the 5 food groups to prepare the body to be healthy. Eat properly and focus on protein for your baby and avoid spicy, sour, salty, spicy foods.
  2. Eating vitamin supplements such as various B vitamins, iron, calcium, DHA, ARA for growth and development of your baby
  3. Exercising is very good because exercising will make the muscles strong. It helps to strengthen the. When giving birth, you must exert force which requires many parts of the muscles and it must be in the right position which is in a position that does not require you to exert too much force.
  4. Budget Preparation such as cost of giving birth which may require a surgery.
  5. The place for giving birth, if the hospital where the antenatal care is far from home you may have to find a place like a hospital near the house or nearby for an emergency.
  6. When the gestation age is near to the maturity as the doctor has to give birth, you may have to prepare the personal bag, baby clothes, or a diapers. So when it is due to the stomach ache you will not have to worry about all of these and you can carry the bag to give birth immediately.


Skin care during pregnancy and before giving birth.

As you know when pregnant, your body will change to support pregnancy. Which will be different for each individual. It will be a physical changes such as hands, feet, swelling, dry breast skin, flaky. Therefore, besides paying attention to your health, you should taking care for your skin as well.

Moisturizing skin around the breast for breastfeeding by using the Multi-Mam Compresses gel pad to keep the skin always moist, not flaky while breastfeeding. It also prevent sore nipples and cracked tits after birth.

Preparation and planning will help you to be ready for pregnancy. When you are ready to take care of yourself and take care of the womb, you will be happy and the child in the womb will be happy as well.

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