Theraclion is a French based company that specializes in high-tech medical equipment using the patented Echotherapy technology.


Theraclion is the only company in the world to offer a completely non-invasive treatment for breast adenofibromas and thyroid nodules using their CE marked medical device Echopulse. Echopulse is a solution that gives patients an alternative to surgery using a non-invasive technique.

Echopulse provides doctors with accuracy, real-time control through ultrasound images, the ability to stop the procedure at any point and ultimately safely treats the patient using the movement sensors and cooling system.

Patients want to not only keep their thyroids but to still have functionality. There is a solution that gives the patients exactly what they want and that solution is Echopulse.

Echotherapy with Echopulse for thyroid nodules
Echotherapy with Echopulse for fibroadenoma
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