How does working together with Valor health
increase your business opportunities?


We have a marketing team ready to provide you the consulting and assistance in marketing planning including your brand promotion through both online and offline channels. This helps to build brand perception among the target customer groups which leads to greater sales opportunities.

Sales Channel

There are consecutive promotional activities arranged by the Company throughout the year including opening booths and special on sale promotions, particularly in the festival periods. These activities increase sales opportunities and the opportunity for accessing new customers who will be provided with trial products.

Professional Team

The Company determines to develop our personnel to be competent for caring and assisting the business customer groups particularly. Because we want to grow together with the partners, realizing the problems which will arise and readiness to cope with are necessary for co-working.

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Valor Health Co., Ltd
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    2/22 Iyara Tower 10th Fl., Chan Road, Tungwatdon , Sathorn , Bangkok 10120
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    02-678-5150, 02-678-7500
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