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How to prevent aches and sore feet

Sore feet or a symptom of waking up in the morning and feel sore feet or a feeling of tingling under the feet when walking. Which is called such symptoms as subcutaneous inflammation or inflammation under the feet. Most often occurs with people who

  • Stand a lot, put on a lot weight to the feet, or standing for a long period of time
  • Overweight
  • People with irregular shaped feet

Care and correction

When having a sore foot, it is recommended to use Deramed Footcare silicone pads, which are 100% Medical Grade silicone that are soft and comfortable to the feet. It also helps relieve pain in Metatarsal bone area, heels, hips, and knees. Reducing fatigue caused by standing and walking for a long period of time which is also advisable for those who have a plantar fasciitis symptom.

The Deramed Footcare silicone pad is also meet the CE “European Conformity” standard which is standard for product that has been certified for European health and environment safety. Thus you can ensure about our product quality and reasonable price.

Standing for a long period of time or putting weight on feet cause inflammation on the feet. Therefore, what we should do when having to be in an inevitable situation is to exercise, massage, and stretch the feet to strengthen feet muscle in order to avoid the inflammation.


      By tilting the feet up and down. First, sitting down on the floor and stretch your legs straight and then tense the feet to bend the feet back to the body, hold it for 10-15 minutes. Then, contract the toes to be hooked down to the feet, hold this for another 10-15 minutes. Do this exercise 2-3 sets at a time. Also, exercising together with the ankle rotation from left to right and from right to left, each side 15 times, will help making the ankle stronger. Doing this exercise every day will gradually reduce the pain and sore feet.

Feet massage

  • Massage by hand

By using the thumb to press down on the feet and hold at the spot for 5-10 seconds. However, but if it feels hurt, press and hold for only 2 seconds. Pressing will help loosen the inner tendon.

  • Massage with a small ball or a ping pong ball.

Use the same method as the massage by hand, but adding the ball between the hand and the feet and pressing for 5 – 10 minutes. The force that goes down through the ball will increase, rather than using a hand massage. Also, you can roll from the heel direction to the toe

Stretching by sitting and standing

  • Sitting

Sitting on the floor or on a chair and then using the hand to hold the feet and try to stretch the legs as tight as you can hold for 10-15 minutes. For those that who are unable to stretch the legs, you can gradually stretching starting from bending the knees then slowly adjust the length of the leg tension to keep stretching. For those who have back and waist problems, you may have to use a cloth or strap on the feet instead of using the hand.

  • Standing

Start by standing, spread your legs as wide as your shoulder level. Then, twist your feet to the left or right, and lean toward the direction of the toes. Leaning forward as much as possible, but the rear foot must be on the floor and the leg must be tight, stretch for 10 -15 seconds, doing this 3 sets each time every day. It will help to reduce foot pain.

Foot pain can occur at any age. Knowing the cause and using the correct treatment including preventing symptoms by proper muscle exercise will reduce the pain without having to use medication for sure.

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