Risk behaviors cause problems in intimate area

Itching, vaginal discharge, burning, irritation, foul odor are unfavorable symptoms in women’s intimate area. Itching in intimate area can be caused by infectious and non-infectious.

  • Infection from pathogen such as bacteria, fungus and protozoa cause internal symptoms
    • Bacterial vaginosis is often grayish white discharge and cause burning in vagina.
    • Abnormal vaginal discharge caused by fungus is thick with consistency like yogurt. Patient who infected with fungus will get higher severity of itching than bacteria.
    • Greenish vaginal discharge and abnormal cervix appearance like strawberry are usually signs of protozoa infection.

  • Itching on outside area which is not caused by infection.

This type of itching can be caused by risk behaviors which are

    • Intimate area is a very sensitive skin area that can irritated from washing chemicals used.
    • Wearing too tight underwear or pants is the one of problems. Changing behavior by wearing comfortable clothes can solve this problem.
    • Patient infected with some types of protozoa such as Pthirus pubis. Patient have to careful about hygiene.
    • When sweat, which is caused by the hot weather of Thailand or too tight wearing, stays onskin under the clothes for too long, it can make genital get fungal infections.



  • ทำความสะอาดอวัยวะเพศด้วยน้ำเปล่าธรรมดา
  • ไม่ล้างจุดซ่อนเร้นด้วยน้ำยาทำความสะอาดจุดซ่อนเร้น เพราะในช่องคลอดจะมีทั้งแบคทีเรียตัวดีและแบคทีเรียตัวร้าย การที่ใช้น้ำยาทำความสะอาดจุดซ่อนเร้นจะไปทำลายเชื้อแบคทีเรียตัวดีให้ตายไปด้วย ทำให้เกิดการเสียสมดุล
  • ซักทำความสะอาดชุดชั้นในที่สวมใส่ด้วยน้ำยาที่มีความอ่อนโยนเพื่อป้องกันการแพ้ของผิวหนังบริเวณจุดซ่อนเร้น
  • สวมใส่ชุดชั้นในและเสื้อผ้าที่ระบายอากาศ ไม่คับ รัดแน่น จนเกินไป

How to solve problems in intimate area

  • Washing genital with water.
  • Don’t wash genital with feminine hygiene washer which can interfere the natural bacterial balance in vagina by killing beneficial microorganism.
  • Use gentle laundrydetergent for clothes to prevent allergic reaction on intimate area.
  • Wearing comfortable and fit clothes. Don’t wear too tight clothes.
  • Itching from bacterial infection can be treated with Multi-Gyn ActiGel, which can decrease severity of Itching, reduce and eliminate odors and abnormal vaginal discharge, prevent abnormality of symptoms, anti-fungal infection and help to balance abnormal cells and tissues within the vagina to return to normal.

For women who get problems in intimate area and have symptoms such as itching, vaginal discharge or unexpected odor, could come to see obstetrician–gynecologists to get the effective treatment. For women who are 21 years-old or more could check for cervical cancer every 2-3 years.

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